Christmas: A Season of Gift Giving

Christmas: A Season of Gift Giving

The end of 2022 is fastly approaching, as we just finished Thanksgiving, our attention has certainly turned to Christmas.  

Getting that Christmas tree from the basement is surely not an easy task, but nonetheless, you need to bring it up to decorate it with those pretty ornaments. Each day that goes by an amazon package comes in. The time of tracking shipping orders and wrapping presents is exhausting. However, I don't think anyone could have a full year of sanity without celebrating Christmas. One thing Covid -19 taught us, is the importance of assembling together as families. The memories we make with our family in this holiday season, we will forever cherish them and seek to create more of them.

Gift Giving 

Many families have a tradition of how they start their Christmas and what they do on that special day. When it comes to gifts, some might prefer a homemade gift, while others might just be comfortable with that Amazon Alexa. Whatever your family preference might be, that gift giving is just a mediator of bringing loved ones together, to strengthen their bonds. The gift is the dessert, not the main dish of the reason assembling together. Nevertheless, a small token or gift could never hurt. 

With so much advertising during this holiday season, many families might wonder what is the right gift I should give to my love. With gas prices through the roof and inflation is at an all time high, this year gift giving might have to stay within a budget.  

One of the gifts you should consider is getting a fresh homemade candle.There are many small vendors you can shop from, whether that is browsing to etsy or driving to your nearer Trader Joe’s to pick one out. 

With all of the options you will come across, one question you might be asking is, which one should I get?

Below are a few things you should consider when you are making that VERY important decision.


The quality of a candle goes far beyond whether a candle was made with 456 soy wax or 450. Yes, it's important to know the type of wax it was made out of. But there are other potent questions to consider. Such as, how long the candle has been sitting in that 3 pl Warehouse. Was the candle made in a small batch and if so does the vendor have a good quality control system?  You want to be assured, by knowing your candle didn’t get contaminated with some other scent in the manufacturing process. These and others are some of the few questions that should be considered when selecting your candle.


What is in my candle: 

Another important question you should ask , 

Can I easily find out the ingredients that  my candle made out of?  We at Zanmi products, display our product information the moment you click on any of our candles, you will immediately see what is in them on the products description box. We are straight forward with our customers. We want to provide peace of mind, so each customer can be assured of the content they are breathing. 


Is the candle you are getting environmentally friendly?  What kind of shipping materials do they use, is the candle container reusable or biodegradable. Your candle vendor should  have an answer for those questions. A failure to do so,  should make you think of seeking a different vendor that is upfront with those basic questions. 

Candles come in all ships and sizes. The vendor you purchase your candles from, should seek to be a good steward of the environment. Your choice of buying the candle should support mother nature to continue to produce clean air for us all. Simultaneously getting some freshly cozy candles smell on a December evening.

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