I am Feeling Cozy

I am Feeling Cozy


After a long day at work, traffic, picking up the kids from school and soccer practice. You need to feel cozy. Yes, the drive from the office to kids’ school should have only taking 20 minutes but it turns out it to one hour. In times like that you deserve to reward yourself with some crazy cozy candles. While the snow is falling, kids playing with their new toys, and brewing your hot cocoa it is perfect time to light one up. Although the time of your coziness might usually be special, when it is the holiday season each day you deserve to have a different light in the house. You should not have to wonder what Santa left for you. Because this holiday season is special, since for the last 24 months we have not been able to gather to together as a family, as much as we used to. Yes, you deserve to spoil yourself with some extra gift.

Our cozy 8oz candles burn for an approximately 40 hours enough to make you cozy from New Years’ Eave to the day after New Year’s. We limit our production, usually we make them right after your place an order, obviously we always have some on hand. We do homemade each one of them, because we cannot mess with the thing that will set your cozy time apart. We have six cozy scents you can pick, each one of them is special and we don’t have a favorite.

Cranberry : Bright and festive.

Makes every day a holiday.

Lighting our Cranberry Dream feels like sipping a mug of mulled cider by on a cool, crisp morning.


The scent is gently warm with a lovely citrus undertone.


Cranberry Dream is:


❤️ Cheering and friendly

❤️ Perfectly citrusy

❤️ Full of holiday goodness

❤️ Homey and cozy 


This candle is an excellent choice for when you want to bring back happy holiday memories and make your house feel like home.


Lemon : Clean and cheerful.

Adds sunshine to your day and combats unwanted odors. 

Remember your summer vacation lemonade stand days? You and your best friend squeezed more lemons than you could count.


Then you set up your stand together and enjoyed the warm sunshine and the smell of fresh lemonade.


Our Lemon scent takes you back to that perfect summer day!


This candle is...




 Full of zesty citrus

 Refreshing and clean

 A lovely pale yellow


We especially love how well the Lemon candle fights unpleasant odors. It's great for the kitchen — or anywhere around the house where you need an extra touch of clarity.


Coconut Lime : When you light our Coconut Lime Candle, you imagine yourself sitting beside the pool with your best friends. The sun is on your skin, the water is cool, and you have your favorite drink in your hand.


Vanilla : Makes any room feel relaxing

Remember baking sugar cookies with grandma? The warm hugs, the cozy smell from the oven, the "secret" samples of frosting & cookie dough.


Our Vanilla Candle is perfect for days when you need some extra sweetness.


This candle is...


 Soft & warm

 Subtly sugary

 Oh-so cozy

 Scented with rich natural vanilla


Unlike some vanilla candles, it doesn't have a cloying or fake scent. It's just smooth, soothing goodness.


Ocean: Crisp and fresh.

Brings energy and good vibes wherever it goes.

Imagine yourself standing on the beach.


The ocean waves hum in your ears while salty spray hits your face. And all the while, a gentle breeze plays with your hair and soothes away your worries.


Our Ocean scent condenses a perfect beach day into candle form!


This candle is...


 Effortlessly cool



 Richly scented

 A gorgeous shade of blue


Lavender: Subtle and soothing.

Helps you wind down and find your zen.

Lighting our Lavender candle feels like sitting in the garden on a summer morning.


The classic lavender scent is delicate & distinct but not overpowering.


And did you know that Lavender can help you:


 Let go of stress

 Sleep better

 Relieve congestion

 Promote a calm mood


This candle is a perfect companion for when you want to create a relaxing environment where you can find your inner peace.

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