I Will Take It Everywhere

I Will Take It Everywhere


They are something you smell no matter what you do , you can't get rid of that smell out of your mind. In extreme cases for example are riding the New York subway or running over a skunk. However, there are also certain things you might come in contact with under no circumstances do you want that smell to go away, you don't’ that smell to disappear or diminish, You might ask yourself, how come you had never smell something like that  before, it's like eating some good food from the Caribbean, and you have to ask yourself, I never knew food could taste that good . Our candles are made with quality to keep the same scent throughout its burning period. You can rest assured, after lighting one of those cozy up, you will not want to blow it out ( well for safety reasons, we highly recommend you blow it when you are going to bed. The process we implement in making our candles , reflects our commitment to be good stewards of the environment and always keep our customers in mind. From picking the scents, wax or the dye. We seek to understand what our customers want and the smell they would like to radiate in their home. Our candles release a welcoming smell that flows throughout the house and your guesses will not want to leave your home once they enter.

We take pride in making our candles. We always envision creating a  product that would help our customers feel more peace and harmony within their home. We take pride in making sure our product is environmentally friendly and as well as safe for a man's best friend. Our candles are convenient to travel with. Whether you get the 2 oz or the 8 oz. We mail our candles in an environmentally friendly box that is steady to keep it from the destruction that might come in the shipping route. It's nice to pack our 2oz for vacation, since you don’t need to light it up to enjoy the goodness  its releases .

Quality Control

We sourced the materials we used in our candles carefully. We believe in making our product to a standard where our customer will not have to second guess what they are bringing home. We hand inspected each candle after we pour them and before we ship them to you to make sure they arrive in the best condition possible. 

The smell you get from our handmade candles is something you will have to recommend to your friends and family . It's not too strong or overpowering, it's very subtle like you are in nature. In fact, you don't even have to light them up to enjoy the smell, simply take the lid of and let sit on that kitchen table or bathroom and the smell will be sufficient for your  enjoyment 

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