Which One Is Your Favorite : The Power Of Option

Which One Is Your Favorite : The Power Of Option

Walking down the aisle of any grocery store, you will be bombarded with candles. They are made in different sizes, materials, they look and smell different. The price ranges from something you could get at the neighborhood dollar store to  something you could only find in a Villa on the southern coast of Italy.

With all those options, how can you go ahead and spend $2.99 or $80.99 for something you might not like or need. Some vendors might have a subscription box, which might charge you a flat monthly fee for a box of something you might like or not. It might be hard  to find a vendor that prioritizes choice versus sales. Nevertheless, in this holiday season, you should seek a vendor that seeks to reduce waste and while allowing you to have choices in the decision of picking the product. A vendor that prioritizes quality over consumption. We at Zanmi have mini 2 oz, where our customer can pick from and try different scents out, before moving to purchase an 8 oz. It gives them the freedom to explore and test different scents before making the big boy or girl decision. The 2 oz allows them to know which ones they like and don't like.

Wherever you get your candles for this holiday season, you should have the power of options available to you so you can make a decision without feeling guilty after. Options give you the time and and comfort to know the decisions you are making and be comfortable with it. The worst thing that can happen is to wake up the next morning, and hating the smell of your candles you just purchased for an obscene amount. 

Share the love with your friend and loved one.

Those 2 oz mini candles we hand made here in the beehive state, allows you to share your precious gift with your close friends and family. It is something that is nice and elegant. It is a small  present you can give this  holiday season that has a meaning and purpose behind it. If they decide they want more of the amazing ocean, cranberry dream or coconut lime, they can always purchase more or the 8 oz, but the 2 oz candles will give them a tease of what Zanmi candle is about. It will give them plenty of time to decide whether that is something they might like or not since our 2 oz burn for approximately 8-10 hours at a time. 

The ease of travel that comes with those 2 oz is something you should consider, you can carry in your purse or luggage. They are convenient  for while you are taking your bath. As it is easy to travel with, since they are so small to carry, you have multiple hands since they practically fit anywhere. 

Those 2oz are not entirely  different from our 8oz other than for the size. We still use 100% soy wax, we hand pour them individually, always making each of them with special attention. Our wicks and container is environmentally friendly. 

This holiday season, you need to pick a candle company that allows you to be flexible on the things you value and care about. You should never compromise on the quality of the product you get. Furthermore, you should always have the option to test it, just like Costco or Sam's club before making your big purchase. 

Picking the right candle company can be difficult. But there are certain actions you can take to identify the one that will be a right choice for you. Whether you are browsing on amazon or at your local farmers market on a Saturday morning. You should always seek the vendor or companies that allow you to try their products before making your big purchase. You shouldn’t feel pressure to make a purchase. If you don't feel comfortable making a purchase at the moment , always know that's not the end of the world and you should always feel you can reach out to that company at a different time to get their product. Lastly, you should seek to purchase from a company that is a good steward of the environment by reducing waste.

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