We are committed to be a vegan friendly company

Why We Choose To Make Our Candles Vegan Friendly.


You might have a friend, family member or a classmate that It has become routine for them to go to the hospital on a weekly occurrence due to the immune system. Growing up I was not aware of how many people that have sensitive bodies , that they have to be careful of what they eat because just  one once of bread can cause them not to be able to function for days. The more self aware I become regarding that , the more I seek to understand their life condition. There are a lot of people that are lactose intolerant. For many of those that suffer from that illness, they have to limit themselves . They have to be extra careful of where they eat, shop, and what they smell. There is a heavy burden that those that suffer from lactose intolerance have to carry.   

We choose to make our candle vegan friendly because we want to be a good stewards of the environment, but most importantly we want to be a support for our friends ,neighbors and strangers that might suffer from some kind of lactose intolerant condition. 

We want people to enjoy our product without the fear it could put them in the  emergency room. We want those that are suffering from lactose intolerant  to know that they have  support and a company is inclusive . We want our friends to enjoy our product regardless of their medication condition they might be suffering from.

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